New poultry feed facility under construction in U.S.

by Emily Wilson
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Younglove Construction Co., a milling equipment engineering and design firm based in Sioux City, recently began work on a new poultry feed manufacturing facility for Fries Farms, L.L.C., Surrency, Georgia, U.S.

The project should be completed in about a year, Younglove said.

The facility will feature high-speed rail receiving for whole grain; 500,000-bushel (13,600 tonnes, wheat equivalent) slip-formed concrete grain silos; a slip-formed concrete mill tower; and concrete support structures. Soft stock ingredient storage in the mill tower will be nearly 3,000 tonnes in 26 bins, and the finished feed storage will be 1,536 tonnes in 12 bins. Processing equipment will include a hammermill and a pelleting system (with space for two more of each), a 10-tonne horizontal mixer, a post-pellet fats coating system; and a 3-tonne weigh lorry for finished feed loadout.