New oil dust-suppression system has four application points

by Teresa Acklin
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An oil dust-suppression system is considered one of the least costly ways to control grain dust and eliminate housekeeping and disposal problems related to grain dust in a grain elevator or feed mill.

Dub Johnson and Sons, which has provided oil dust-suppression systems in Minneapolis since 1985, recently began manufacturing units with four application points in addition to the standard two application points. The cost of the 4-point system is comparable to many 2-point systems, a spokesperson for the company said.

The DJ oil dust-suppression system is enclosed, dust-tight and maintenance-free. The unit is equipped with manual flow control valves with flowmeters for precise flow control and quick-mounting spray lances with removable flat angle spray tips and screens.

The system provides a cleaner, safer working environment; eliminates long-term health problems related to grain dust exposure; and greatly reduces the possibility of a grain dust explosion, the company said.

Dub Johnson and Sons recently provided eight oil dust-suppression units to Dodge City Cooperative in Dodge City, Kansas.

The company can be reached at 785-392-2141.