New European-style elevator bucket model

by Emily Wilson
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A leading manufacturer of the CC-HD elevator bucket style, Tapco Inc. now offers a line of molded EuroBuckets in polyethylene, nylon and urethane. Engineered to replace European-style steel buckets, the EuroBucket’s capacity is similar to its steel counterpart but uses thicker bucket walls for stronger buckets with extended life. The EuroBucket design emulates the rolled front and side edges of steel European-style buckets to aid bucket filling. The non-metallic EuroBuckets will not spark or act as an ignition source. That feature, along with their ability to give under impact and return to their original shape, is one of the major reasons that 90% of the elevator buckets used in the United States and Canada are non-metallic, Tapco said. The St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.-based company stocks a variety of molded EuroBuckets in the U.S. and Europe, and maintains an inventory of more than 11 million elevator bolts in four styles.

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