Neogen's new test for vomitoxin cuts testing time

by Teresa Acklin
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   LANSING, MICHIGAN, U.S. — Neogen Corp. recently introduced a new test kit that drastically cuts the time necessary to determine if grain has been contaminated with vomitoxin, also known as DON (deoxynivalenol).

   The new test, Veratox for Vomitoxin 5/5, utilizes cutting-edge antibody coating and conjugate chemistries to shorten testing time and improve accuracy, the company said. The new test kit has two 5-minute incubations, as opposed to two 10-minute incubations in the existing vomitoxin test kit.

   Paul Pfeiffer, Neogen's feed and agriculture sales director, said the new test kit will reduce the “hassle” factor for customers. “When a load of grain arrives at an elevator, it undergoes a series of tests before it is accepted, including a rapid test for vomitoxin,” Mr. Pfeiffer said. “The length of the vomitoxin test is not the sole factor determining how long it takes for the tests to be completed, but it is a factor. Anything we can do to reduce the vomitoxin testing time is a big plus for the industry.”

   The new test kit has been validated on wheat and barley, and work toward additional validations is ongoing, Neogen said. The new test also is undergoing certification by the U.S. Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration and evaluation by the Association of Analytical Chemists.