NABIM updates milling training

by Emily Buckley
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The National Association of British and Irish Millers, NABIM, is producing two new editions of its flour milling training modules, to be launched for the 2003-2004 Flour Milling Correspondence Course session.

Module 1, Hygiene Health and Safety and Module 4, Materials Handling, Storage and Distribution, have been reviewed and modified. Module 1 focuses on: hazards and priorities, the legal framework for health and safety, health and safety culture, safety planning, risk control, and hygiene and pest prevention.

The hygienic storage of both wheat and finished products forms an essential part of Module 4, which is some aspects a continuation of Module 1. The main topics covered include: bulk storage, flour blending, packing, palletizing, packed product storage and handling, dispatch, distribution, typical product pests, and infestation control.

NABIM offers training courses covering the full spectrum of milling subjects. For information, contact NABIM at