N. American Tech Outlook: Vicam

by Emily Buckley
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VICAM is a world leader in agricultural biotechnology and bioseparations. VICAM develops and manufactures rapid mycotoxin and microbiological testing systems for the food and feed industries. In addition, VICAM ensures food quality with tests for mold in fruits and vegetables as well as tests for amylase in wheat and flour.

VICAM’s test kits provide the advantages of speed, sensitivity, ease-of-use, accuracy, and safety. Our research into living cell separations will afford our customers the opportunity to improve performance in domestic animals.

VICAM’s commitment to developing innovative, useful tests is matched by our dedication to quality.


313 Pleasant Street

Watertown, Massachusetts 02472 U.S.

Tel: 1.617.926.7045

Fax: 1.617.923.8055

Internet: www.vicam.com