N. American Tech Outlook: SCAFCO Corp.

by Emily Buckley
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SCAFCO Corp. began manufacturing corrugated galvanized steel silos in 1954. Today, we produce silos in capacities ranging from 3 tonnes to more than 16,000 tonnes, as well as hopper bottom silos in capacities ranging from 4 tonnes to several hundred tonnes.

Stiffened silos ranging from 5.49 to 32 meters in diameter and non-stiffened silos ranging from 4.27 to 14.63 meters in diameter are manufactured for both commercial and farm storage.

Our silos have been engineered for quality, quick assembly on site and simple operation.

We also supply a full range of accessories that are integral components of our systems, including aeration and grain handling equipment, such as elevators, drag conveyors, screw conveyors and tube augers.

A walk-in door developed by SCAFCO for farm bins has been designed with a welded frame, reinforced outer door panel and three hinged inner flaps with positive locking bars. The door easily bolts into place with corrugated welded door jambs. A heavy-duty version also is available for stiffened bins.

SCAFCO’s 60,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and corporate offices are located in Spokane, Washington, U.S., only 450 kilometers from the Port of Seattle, a major West Coast shipping port.

SCAFCO has considerable international experience, having supplied the engineering,

design and manufacturing of complete grain storage, conditioning and handling systems in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Individual silos and storage projects delivered in more than 53 countries are storing wheat, maize, soybeans, barley, pulses, rice, sunflowers, palm kernels, animal feed and various minerals.


P.O. Box 11215

Spokane, Washington 99211-1215 U.S.

Tel: 1.509.535.1571

Fax: 1.509.535.9130

Internet: www.scafco.com