N. American Tech Outlook: Research Products Company

by Emily Buckley
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Serving the milling and baking industries since 1970, Research Products Company, a division of McShares, Inc., manufactures processed food additive products, including:

• flour oxidizing premixes;

• flour maturing premixes;

• vitamin and mineral premixes;

• flour bleach premixes;

• rice enrichment concentrates;

• cereal food enrichment


• liquid chlorine dispensing systems;

• ingredient feeders;

• corn grits/corn meal enrichments


• macaroni/durum flour enrichment


• wheat flour enrichment concentrates,

• iron powder;

• and benzoyl peroxide.

Research Products provides standardsetting flour oxidation and maturing services, essential premium vitamin and mineral premixes, micro-ingredient dispensing systems, analytical lab services and a field service team.

Research Products has recently reduced its product packaging size to 20-pound bags to reduce worker strain. The packaging, available to N. American customers, also reduces worker exposure to the product because it can now be directly added to the feeder. Each bag is heat sealed and individually labeled by product and lot number.

We do not take our job lightly. For you to produce food products of the very highest quality, we must do our part. We do that by providing products and services that will meet or exceed your quality demands day after day.

Research Products Company

P.O. Box 1460

Salina, Kansas 67402-1460 U.S.

Tel: 1.785.825.2181 Fax: 1.785.825.8908

E-mail: montewhite@researchprod.com

Internet: www.researchprod.com