N. American Tech Outlook: InterSystems, Inc.

by Emily Buckley
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InterSystems has achieved growth by anticipating industry needs and responding to them. Today, InterSystems offers a complete line of sampling, conveying, weighing, elevating, screening and handling equipment for a wide variety of commodities.

Automatic Samplers are used to extract a representative and repeatable sample of most free-flowing materials. Samplers can be used in gravity, pneumatic, or liquid lines and can be installed in chutes or at the end of belts.

Automatic Truck/Rail Probes provide a safer, faster, and more accurate means to extract a representative sample from a truck or rail car. Sample tubes may be either compartmentalized or core style.

En-Masse Conveyors consist of both flat bottom, inclined and self-cleaning designs. Flat bottom units are available in capacities up to 1,400 tph and inclined units can go up to 55 degrees. Self -Cleaning units are used where total product cleanout is required.

Enclosed Belt Conveyors are available in capacities to around 1,500 tph with intermediate discharges and reversing operation. Enclosed belts offer advantages of lower horsepower and less cost on high capacity applications. Both the En-Masse and Enclosed Belt Conveyors can be constructed of galvanized, mild or stainless steel.

Weighing Equipment consists of a variety of models of bulk weighing systems that are used to weigh outbound, inbound, or for inventory control with an accuracy of 0.1% or less. Scale controls can be interfaced with plant controls.

Gravity Screeners remove fines from whole grains and are available in capacities of 800 tph.

Bucket Elevators are available in capacities up through 1,500.

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