N. American Tech Outlook: Humphrey Manlift Company

by Emily Buckley
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The low-cost mechanical solution for employee vertical travel is the Humphrey Employee Belt Manlift. The Humphrey Manlift Company provides reliable vertical transportation that saves time and improves productivity. One man can perform duties on a number of floors, rapidly, and without fatigue. All costs are all well below those of conventional elevators. All models are designed in accordance with the ASME A90.1 safety sandard for Belt Manlifts.

In contrast to conventional elevators, there is no waiting for a Humphrey Employees’ Belt Manlift. Its endless belt provides continuous transportation in both directions. An employee may step on or off at any floor without interrupting service for other employees using the belt manlift. One man can perform inspection or supervisory duties on a number of floors. Belt speed is 75 feet per minute for ease of getting on and off the moving steps.

The Humphrey Employees’ Belt Manlift can be installed in any new or existing multi-floor building. Initial cost, installation cost, and operating cost are all well below the costs of conventional elevators. A Humphrey Manlift takes only a fraction of the floor space.

Seth Humphrey in late 1886 and early 1887 developed an idea that was to become the first Humphrey Manlift. Convinced of the value of his concept, he designed and built his first wood frame belt manlift that was sold in the spring of 1887 to Charles A. Pillsbury for his Minneapolis mill, which was then the largest mill in the world.

Humphrey Manlifts, which have improved over the years, are basically the same as the belt manlifts originally created by Seth Humphrey. We continue today, building on an established tradition and supplying belt manlifts worldwide.

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