N. American Tech Outlook: Extru-Tech, Inc.

by Emily Buckley
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Extru-Tech, Inc. is a diversified corporation committed to the technological development of the extrusion processing industry. Through continuous research, development, sound engineering, and superior manufacturing, Extru-Tech provides its worldwide customer base with cost effective answers to their extrusion needs.

Founded in 1985, Extru-Tech, Inc. first entered the extrusion industry by supplying rebuilt extrusion equipment and providing innovative extrusion technology to the human food, aquatic feed and animal food industries.

The company has quickly grown to become one of the industry’s leading suppliers of extrusion processing systems and related equipment.

Extru-Tech is involved in a continual research and development effort that is driven by an experienced engineering staff. This staff is constantly looking for new metallurgical advances that will increase the performance of the processing systems and replacement parts.

Extru-Tech offers a comprehensive and exclusive line of single screw cooking extruders with capacity rates that vary from 500 pounds to 30,000 pounds per hour. In addition, Extru-Tech manufactures and distributes the AirFlow II Dual and Triple Pass Dryer/Cooler Systems. The exclusive design of these products enables customers to improve finished product quality while improving drying efficiency.

For additional information or answers to the challenging questions of today’s extrusion technology, contact Extru-Tech.

Extru-Tech Inc.

P.O. Box 8 - 100 Airport Road

Sabetha, Kansas 66534 U.S.

Tel: 1.785.284.2153

Fax: 1.785.284.3143

E-mail: extru-techinc@extru-techinc.com

Internet: www.extru-techinc.com

Sales Office

10920 Ambassador Dr., Suite 415

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