N. American Tech Outlook: Equichem International

by Emily Buckley
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At Equichem, we have expanded our research and development to bring new food ingredients, enzymes and nutritional products that address the issues faced by today’s grain industry. Our products and technical service are key assets to grain companies in their pursuit to introduce highly specialized products with the intent of sparking the imagination of food scientists and product developers in the food industry worldwide.

We adopted a new logo to portray our vision and our role as a global supplier. We are committed to supplying original food ingredients that will enhance human nutrition. For 23 years flour mills worldwide have relied on our products and services to improve and fortify flour to meet their rigid quality standards. We will continue to meet demands to pave a way for the future of specialized cereal-based products that will satisfy the challenges of an ever changing food market.

Equichem International, Inc.

510 Tower Blvd.

Carol Stream, Illinois, 60188 U.S.

Tel: 1.630.784.0432

Fax: 1.630.784.0436

E-mail: mail@equichem.com