N. American Tech Outlook: DICKEY-john

by Emily Buckley
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DICKEY-john Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision electronics for a multitude of applications. Founded in 1966 by farmers looking to make their crop production methods more efficient and precise, DICKEY-john has grown to become an innovative, multi-faceted design and manufacturing firm with four major product divisions: Analytical Products, Farmstead Products, Ag/Chem Products and Public Works Products.

DICKEY-john’s Analytical Products division manufactures a complete line of grain analysis and measurement products. Products include hand-held testers and desktop grain analysis computers for on-farm and commercial use, NIR and non-NIR grain analysis computers for grain elevator and terminal use, and laboratory grade NIR analysis computers for food and feed manufacturers, industrial constituent analysis and many other applications.

DICKEY-john’s design innovation and high quality manufacturing processes have led to the establishment of DICKEY-john products as industry standards. The DICKEY-john GAC2100 NB is the national standard grain analysis device for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Feed & Grain Inspection Service (FGIS). Also available is the GAC2100 and GAC2100a (for automated use).

NIR products include the Instalab 600 Series, a ground sample analyzer designed for laboratory use in raw material analysis, and the new OmegAnalyzerG, a unique new whole grain NIR analyzer. DICKEY-john will be introducing a new hand-held grain moisture tester, the M-3G, for in-field use in the mid-2003. For more information, contact DICKEY-john’s Sales Team.

DICKEY-john Corporation

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Auburn, Illinois 62615 U.S.

Tel: 1.217.438.3371

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E-mail: info@dickey-john.com

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