N. American Tech Outlook: Buhler Inc.

by Emily Buckley
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Buhler North America has an office in Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S., employing approximately 220 people; an office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and an office in Toluca, Mexico. Buhler designs and constructs plants and equipment for many segments of the food and non-food industry.

Buhler’s milling division provides all services required for the flour milling industry, such as:

• Wheat, durum, maize and rye milling.

• Storage and handling of finished products.

• Bagging and loading.

• Heat treatment of flour, bran and germ.

• Ready mix plants for flour products.

• Raw materials handling for bread and bakery goods.

Key to Buhler’s success are the process and design engineers who have undergone an intensive training in the field of grain milling. These specialists keep abreast of up-to-date technology and the latest developments in grain cleaning, tempering and milling systems.

The Buhler Milling Division renews its extensive know-how constantly through research and development. Complete plant designs and experiences gained in any part of the world are available to our engineers and can be adapted to the requirements of local customers. Substantial savings of power consumption, maintenance and building volume have been achieved, in addition to a consistently high plant performance. The familiarity with local conditions ensures that the process plants are tailored to the specific raw materials and finished products.

After-sales service, installation and start-up support, as well as training of plant personnel to operate and maintain the machinery, are also provided. Service calls are handled on a day-to-day basis. Buhler maintains customer contacts and controls inventory in the company’s extensive warehouse to provide and supply standard parts from stock for Buhler equipment.

Buhler Inc.

1100 Xenium Lane

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441 U.S.

Tel: 1.763.847.9900

Fax: 1.763.847.9911

Internet: www.buhlergroup.com