Muhlenchemie: Providing custom flour consulting

by Chrystal Shannon
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Mühlenchemie GmbH is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of flour treatment and flour improvers. A member of the Stern-Wywiol Group in Hamburg, Germany, with its affiliate in Singapore Mühlenchemie Asia, Mühlenchemie’s core business is flour improvement, from classic flour treatment to concentrates for ready-mixed flours.

All flour consulting is based on Mühlenchemie’s philosophy:

•Doughs must be within the rheological optimum;

•Doughs must be within the enzymatic optimum;

•The rheological and enzymatic optimum must be properly balanced.

Today, the industrial production of flour is unimaginable without flour treatment. It is this that "wakes the tiger" in the flour and activates its latent potential. But many mills still rate flours solely according to their analytical quality data. Although this makes it possible to assess the consistency of production, it gives too little information on processing characteristics.

It is the properties of the dough made from the flour — rheological behavior, kneading tolerance, surface moisture and fermentation stability — that determine the ultimate quality of the baked products. The essential information for rating the quality of flour can only be acquired through dough testing and baking trials.

Every day, Mühlenchemie bakes flours from every continent and advises its clients with tailor-made solutions.

Value-added solutions are a feature of Mühlenchemie’s philosophy. In order to investigate the phenomenon of enzymes in all its diversity in relation to baking, Stern-Enzym was established. With Stern-Enzym, Mühlenchemie provided a team of specialists with the scope and necessary facilities for concentrating all their efforts on baking enzymes as a core business area.

Mühlenchemie also supplies single ingredients such as ascorbic acid and other oxidizing agents, emulsifiers and other starting materials for baking.

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