Mombasa, Kenya port terminal

by Emily Wilson
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The article, "Grain shipments to East Africa streamlined by a new grain handling facility at the Port of Mombasa" (see World Grain, October 2000, page 40), failed to acknowledge any of the contractors involved in the facility.

Gerico Kenya, the East Africa office of Gerico France, was the main contractor for the Grain Bulk Handlers' facility in Mombasa and was involved in all planning and flow diagrams, civil works and studies as well as for construction and commissioning.

Gerico also supplied most of the equipment, including galvanized steel silos and handling equipment, main control equipment, circuit scales, bagging stations, load cells for bulk hoppers, laboratory equipment, temperature monitoring system, automatic sampling system, filters, safety devices and other equipment.

Nicolas Meynard

Gerico Kenya, Mombasa, Kenya

the steel grain silos pictured in the article on the new port facility at Mombasa, Kenya, are actually the wet bin and drying section at the 80,000-tonne grain storage facility owned by National Cereals and Produce Board in Nairobi, Kenya.

I know this because the equipment for the Nairobi facility was supplied by Cimbria, Denmark, and is maintained by Cimbria East Africa Ltd. These include nine of the 10 largest silos in Kenya.

Jorgen T. Nielsen

Cimbria East Africa, Ltd.

Editor's reply: Due to a photographer's mix-up, the photo of the grain silos in the Mombasa article was incorrect. As Mr. Nielsen points out, the silos pictured are part of the National Cereals and Produce Board's facility in Nairobi. We apologize for the mistake.