Milling equipment

by Emily Wilson
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Spomasz, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland, has developed a number of modern manufacturing techniques and products in its 100-year history. Model FMO5A double roller mills are ideal for milling wheat, corn, rye and barley while the 8-roll Model FMO6A ensures high grinding output and good flour quality. Mill rolls are made with a centrifugally cast iron tube. The superficial layer of the roller, from 15 to 20 mm deep, has a hardness of from 480 to 520 HB as a standard, and the microstructure ensures the long working life of the roll. Milling rolls can be adapted for water cooling. Spomasz also offers self-roughing rolls. The Blowers Root's type are used in pneumatic systems for transportation of loose materials and technical gases, mainly in flour mills, fodder and chemical plants as well as for blowing out filters in aspiration systems.