Millers see variety of products at A.O.M. trade show

by Teresa Acklin
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   Millers from around the world took advan- tage of the recent 97th annual technical conference and trade show of the Association of Operative Millers to meet with suppliers and to see first-hand the latest in milling equipment, systems and products.

   The A.O.M. conference was held April 24-28 in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.

   More than 85 companies were represented at the trade show, and the “What's New?” and “Mainline” programs featured presentations on more than a dozen products. A sampling of the products and services included at the event follows.

   Buhler, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, a U.S. division of Buhler Ltd., Switzerland, presented information on its new maize degerminator, Model MHXK-30/60. The degerminator's design, including cylindrical housing and rotor and the vertical subdivision of the housing, make the machine easy to maintain.

   Buhler's new Eight-Roller Mill also was featured in a “Mainline Program” presentation. This mill enables milling in consecutive passages to be done in doubled passages without intermediate sifting.

   A new rollermill from Golfetto was displayed by Cereal Technologies, Inc., Millersville, Maryland, U.S. Designed to meet stringent safety and sanitation requirements, the GL3V rollermill is equipped with a control panel allowing immediate disengagement of the rolls. All parts of the machine afford easy access for thorough cleaning to eliminate product buildup and infestation.

   Great Western Manufacturing Co., Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S., displayed the In-Line Tru-Balance Sifter for direct insertion into a pneumatic conveying line and the Stainless Steel Tru-Balance Sifter for gravity flow systems.

   Both sifters use nest-together sieve frames, eliminating the need for housings. This feature allows either unit to be opened easily for inspection, cleaning or maintenance.

   Johnson Sangati Inc., Kansas City, Kansas, a U.S. division of Sangati S.p.A., Italy, offered information on many products, including its vibrating separator.

   The separator is designed specfically to remove large impurities from cereal grains and to remove sand and other smaller impurities. Model VS.S is suitable for use on intake to a silo to remove sticks, straw, etc., and Model VS.P may be used as a process cleaner to remove maize, beans and sand.

   Kice Industries, Inc., Wichita, Kansas, U.S., provided information on the “Shortflow Unit” flour mill.

   The new mill uses Kice roll stands with cast-iron bases and roll chills cast and machined in the Kice foundry. The mill is modular for easy transportation and site assembly. The design allows for future expansion by adding more milling units.

   Ocrim America Inc., Wichita, Kansas, U.S., offered information on its new range of rollermills for flaking, rolling and grinding of various seeds and cereals.

   Ocrim's Multi-High Rollermill features double or triple high rolls, and a variety of roll lengths and diameters is available. The unit is developed specifically for grinding cereals, bran, oilseeds, coffee beans, leguminous seeds and spices.

   Perten Instruments North America Inc., Reno, Nevada, a U.S. division of Perten Instruments AB, Sweden, exhibited its Inframatic 9100 Whole Grain Analysis System, a near infrared reflectance system designed to analyze unground whole grain samples.

   The Inframatic 9100 is based on Perten's patented “High Speed Reflectance” optical system. It also uses a flow-through feeder system that allows for changes in grain types without modifying the sampling system.

   Satake U.S.A. Inc., Houston, Texas, featured its Closed Circuit Aspirator GCAA. The unit uses a direct driven centrifugal fan, providing a vertical air current to separate lower-density particles from the main product flow.

   The particles then are removed in a settling chamber, and the cleaned airstream passes through the fan to a return duct and back into the aspirating channel.

   The “Single Stripe,” a new cotton cloth cleaner from Switzerland, was featured by the H.R. Williams Mill Supply Co., Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.

   Also known as a sifter brush, the cleaner is compactly woven and fully defringed. The product offers durability for sieve screens and longer life than conventional cotton cleaners.