Millbank Extrusion acquisition expands Buhler product range

by Emily Buckley
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UZWIL, SWIZERLAND As part of its extrusion engineering expansion program, Buhler AG has acquired the family-owned company Millbank Technology (NZ) Ltd. in New Zealand.

Buhler, a leader in the field of high-value twin-screw extrusion technology, is completing its product line with the acquisition of Millbank’s more straightforward, lower-cost single-screw machines. These are in particularly high demand in the markets of Latin America and South East Asia, where growth has resumed. Buhler Extrusion Systems is currently focusing strongly on the Pacific Rim, where it sees promising growth in extrusion, which Buhler says is being increasingly applied in the aquaculture, extruded snack foods and food ingredients markets.

Millbank Technology, which is based in Auckland, New Zealand, enjoys a solid reputation especially in South East Asia for efficient and reliable extrusion equipment. Buhler acquired all the activities of the company in September, integrating them into its Extrusion Systems business unit. The equipment, which to date has been marketed under the name "Miltenz," will in the future be offered to customers under the "MillbankExtrusion" brand.

In view of the fact that Latin America and South East Asia are the main markets for this equipment, customers will continue to be supplied with equipment and components from Auckland.

Global sales, engineering, installation and start-up plus customer service will be handled by Buhler Extrusion Systems. The existing sales and service organization of Millbank will be integrated in the Buhler Group to maximize customer value. In particular, Millbank’s and Buhler’s existing customers will benefit from the worldwide service and spare parts network