Massive grain storage complex under way in China

by Teresa Acklin
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   DALIAN, CHINA — A grain storage complex featuring 20 “jumbo” silos with total capacity of 600,000 tonnes is under way at the Xizui grain import and export terminal near Dalian, China (see related story on Page 20). Ibberson International, Inc., Hopkins, Minnesota, U.S., was awarded the engineering contract for the project.

   The storage complex is part of the Chinese government's U.S.$2-billion grain infrastructure program.

   The new construction will bring the total storage capacity at the Dalian terminal to more than 1 million tonnes. Work on the new complex began last October, and 10 of the 20 silos were to have been completed by the end of 1998. The entire project is scheduled to be completed in June, Ibberson said.

   The project will include 20 of the largest slipformed silos in China, Ibberson said. Each will have 30,000 tonnes capacity and will be 32 meters in diameter and nearly 60 meters tall. The grain handling system is sized to receive and reclaim 1,000 tonnes per hour.

   Ibberson also will provide the material handling, electrical systems and control systems for the grain storage complex. Aeration, temperature control and fumigation systems also will be included.