MMW introduces itself to Chinese millers

by Emily Wilson
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German milling engineering company MMW (Mas-chinen und Muehlenbau Wittenberg) recently organized a two-day seminar in Qingdao, China, to introduce the company and its equipment and services to Chinese millers. About 80 millers attended the seminar.

Lothar Bley, MMW's managing director, said the company was able to describe its process engineering activities, products and services innovations and competence in erecting complete milling plants throughout the world.

The first day of the seminar was concluded with a discussion on the requirements and new developments in the Chinese milling market.

"Because of the changing trends in Chinese eating habits, the Chinese market is in need of modern milling technologies to produce high-quality flour," Mr. Bley said. "It is especially important to the tourism areas of China to provide quality bread and noodles to international tourists."

On the second day, MMW representatives exhibited and described the operation and advantages of the company's Model WS4 double roller mill. Chinese millers also were able to ask specific milling questions of MMW's milling engineering experts.