MMW completes mill project in Russia

by Emily Wilson
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MMW completes mill project in Russia, develops new processing technology

MMW (Mashinen und Muehlenbau Wittenberg, GmbH), a supplier of turnkey cereal mills, recently completed a turnkey flour mill project in Orjul, Russia.

The new wheat flour mill has a daily capacity of 200 tonnes. MMW said plans and designs for the mill were made according to specifications for the Russian market. MMW delivered and installed the cleaning, milling and mixing section equipment and the PLC system, in addition to training the local mill staff.

MMW also unveiled a new starch processing technology using cereal flour for the production of modified starch.

The new technology, developed by MMW's research and development unit, is based on the complete chemical modification of cereal flours, such as wheat, rye and maize flour, into industrial starches without emersion of waste or byproducts. MMW said the features of this new technology include its economic efficiency and its environmentally friendly operations.

With this new technology, energy consumption can be reduced by 30% or more, MMW said.