MMW completes mill modernization and expansions in Egypt

by Emily Wilson
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For 30 years, the wheat mill in Mahalla El-Kobra produced flour for the Egyptian population without interruption. Recently, the milling company decided to modernize its facility while expanding capacity. MMW - Maschinen & Mühlenbau Wittenberg GmbH, Witten-berg, Germany, designed and supplied all of the equipment for the turnkey project.

The mill's capacity was expanded from 250 tonnes to 350 tonnes per 24 hours in two lines. Existing double roller mills were re-equipped from a hydraulic control system to a pneumatic-electrical control mechanism, and motors were used instead of some of the transmission drives. MMW also supplied a new double roller mill per line as well as four new purifiers, three new bran dusters, six new plansifters and single-box plansifters (EPL). The company also renewed the entire piping, installed some screens and replaced the elevator heads and shafts in the mixing system.

"It was a special task to integrate an entire SPC control unit into the overall unit," MMW said. "Control is supported by monitoring with a modem. If there are malfunctions in the system, troubleshooting and correcting can be done on-line from Germany."

MMW also trained the mill's technical personnel during the expansion. Local companies were utilized for repairs and installation. The success of the project directly led to a follow-up order from another Egyptian mill, MMW said.