Leonhard Breitenbach: Optimum quality mill rolls

by Chrystal Shannon
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Mill rolls from Leonhard Breitenbach GmbH are known worldwide for their accuracy and quality, contributing to optimum mill product quality. Breitenbach manufactures its rolls to match customers’ special demands. The company offers static cast and double-layer centrifugal cast iron rolls as well as special grades, such as self-surfacing smooth rolls.

Breitenbach’s high chrome alloyed Marathon cracking rolls provide economic advantages, including reduced energy consumption, increased uniform product quality and better wear resistance. Breitenbach corrugated rolls have been shown to last 1.5 to 2 times longer than other cracking rolls.

Breitenbach’s TM grades offer an indefinite chill depth, which results in uniform hardness over the cross section. The special material composition of Breitenbach’s self-surfacing smooth rolls adapt automatically to the best suited roughness, contributing to reduced ash contents and increased milling production.