Keeping customers in the forefront of laboratory testing technology

by Emily Wilson
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Perten Instruments, with companies in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, France, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong and distributors and representatives in 100 countries, provides the tools for quality control of grain, flour, feed and food.

"Continuously developing our know-how in the field of total quality control and product development has helped our customers keep in the forefront of the industry," said Michael Cederborg, c.e.o.

Perten offers a range of laboratory mills for accurate sample preparation. Its Falling Number System is the international standard method for determining alpha-amylase activity in wheat, and its Glutomatic System is the standard test for determining gluten quality and quantity. The Percon Inframatic System uses near infrared analyzers for rapid specifications of protein, moisture, hardness and ash in wheat, barley and rice.

The Single Kernel Characterization System 4100 is used to determine grain uniformity and hardness classification on individual kernels while the Diode Array 7000 Analysis System provides one-second analysis and user-friendly operation for color, fat, moisture and protein in powders, whole samples and paste analysis.

"We believe in working closely with customers in long-term partnerships to offer service, a complete product range, competitive pricing, problem-solving and projects that set standards in the industry," Mr. Cederborg said.

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