Jumbo elevator buckets

by Stormy Wylie
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Heavy-duty Big J Jumbo elevator buckets from 4B Elevator Components, Ltd., East Peoria, Illinois, U.S., are injection-molded from prime, commercial-grade resins, including polyethylene, toughened nylon and urethane. With the use of commercial-grade polymers, 4B's buckets offer maximum impact and abrasion resistance, while thicker wall construction provides longer wear life. The scientifically designed profile and angled front lip gives optimum pickup and clean discharge of material in a wide range of operating speeds. The actual measured capacity of the Jumbo buckets equals or exceeds the water level and usable capacities of CC-style buckets. 4B's seamless steel bucket is also offered in the "wingless" design. There are no welds or joints to open, and smooth, rounded corners prevent material build-up. Big J buckets can be retrofitted to any elevator using any brand of CC-style bucket.