Japanese 'tasty white rice' enters U.S. market

by Emily Wilson
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WOODLAND, CALIFORNIA, U.S. — Gold River Mills will be the first in the United States to introduce U.S. consumers to rice processed by a Japanese technology called Musenmai, or "no wash rice" (See Rice Quarterly, page 54, World Grain, April 2002).

Musenmai removes the outer layers of the rice kernel, enhancing its appearance and taste without losing flavor. The result is what the Japanese call "tasty white rice," which is whiter, brighter, better tasting rice that does not need to be washed before cooking and has a longer shelf life than regularly milled rice. Most varieties of rice can be processed with the special equipment, manufactured by the Satake Corporation of Japan.

The food industry has already received its first shipments and U.S. consumers have already begun to see rice with the Musenmai label in retail stores.

Gold River Mills was founded in May when CalPac Investments, LLC (also known as California Pacific Rice Milling) and Pacific Basin Rice Products LLC merged operations. The company focuses on the supermarket trade and on sales to a vast array of companies.