Italian milling engineering group

by Emily Wilson
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The Italian milling engineering group comprised of Golfetto S.p.A., Padova, and Sangati Berga S.p.A., Quinto de Treviso, will share a booth at the upcoming A.O.M. trade show. Several pieces of milling equipment will be featured at the booth, including the GL3V rollermill, designed with easy access for roll changing, an infrared system to control engagement and disengagement of the main rolls and automatic feedroll speed control. The GSO bran finisher and horizontal GVSO Vibrosifter feature external, on-the-run adjustment of product retention time; the Vibrosifter also is ideal for sifting sticky materials, and the hopper's double outlet enables two distinct flour separations. The Vortex self-cleaning flour hydration system is capable of adding up to 1% moisture, enabling lower first break moisture for optimum milling performance and higher yields. A self-cleaning sifter includes an airflow system designed to alleviate internal condensation in mill and rebolt sifters. Golfetto's wheat heater HTX feedback control system improves wheat cleaning efficiency, eliminates condensation, improves mill performance and can increase wheat temperature by 70° F. The intensive damper bi-mix counterflow mixer can be coupled with Imeco's IDM moisture controller, which utilizes microwaves and load cell technology for accuracy and reliability. The group's North American representative, Cereal Technologies, Inc., Millersville, Maryland, U.S., also will display a range of pneumatic components, including diverter valves, fluidizing airlocks, cyclones and airlocks.