International group graduates from SMS

by Chrystal Shannon
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ST. GALLEN, SWITZERLAND — Thirty young specialists from 14 different nations were awarded their diplomas by Dr. Hendri Krüsi, the interim head of the Swiss Milling School St.Gallen, on March 15. This marked the end of the young men’s training as grain milling technologists, in a course, which for the first time, was condensed from 10 to five months.

The Swiss Milling School St.Gallen (SMS) is one among only four schools worldwide specializing in the training of grain milling technology. The solid theoretical basis of the course and its combination with a strong practical orientation characterize the curriculum. Subjects range from the food sciences and grain milling technology to electrical engineering and management theories. The course is held alternately in English and in German.

Krüsi handed over direction responsibilities for the SMS to Han-sueli Rick on April 1. Rick studied food technology and worked last as a product manager at the Swiss Mill in Zurich.

Lorenz Bühler presented the Dr. René Bühler Award for the "best in class" to Franz Signer from Kirchberg, Switzerland, followed very closely by Mohammed Osman from Sudan.