International feed industry exhibition planned

by Stormy Wylie
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The American Feed Industry Association also will help sponsor an international feed exhibition later this year in South America. VIV-AFIA Feed 2000, the second international feed industry exhibition sponsored by the A.F.I.A. and Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs, is set for Sept. 27-29 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The first global feed exhibition was held in 1998 also in South America. More than 26,000 visitors were attracted to that event, held in conjunction with VIV America Latina (animal production) and IFA Brazil (aquaculture).

This year's international exhibition is expected to be equally strong, according to A.F.I.A. Vice-President Rex A. Runyon. "The market is improving and the economy is expanding," he said. "With increasing monetary stability and better control of inflation, the stage is being set for a blockbuster exhibition next fall."

VIV-AFIA Feed 2000 will appeal not only to those interested in the Brazilian market but also to exhibitors wishing to reach into surrounding countries, Mr. Runyon said. Buyers come from nearly every country in South America.

Exhibit space reservations are being accepted by A.F.I.A. on a first-come, first-served basis. For an application, contact Judy Pilgrim, A.F.I.A., 1501 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1100, Arlington, Va. 22209. Tel: 703/524-0810. Fax: 703/524-1921. E-mail: n