International Kahl Symposium on modern

by Chrystal Shannon
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REINBEK, GERMANY — Modern feed processing will be the focus of the 5th International Kahl Symposium, April 22-23 in Reinbek/Hamburg, Germany. The Kahl Symposium is sponsored by the Amandus Kahl group of companies, based in Germany and with offices throughout Europe.

The theme of the program is "Modern Feed Processing: The Balance of Technology and Economy." Speakers from business and academia will discuss a variety of topics related to feed processing, including an update on expander technology, the physiological effects of heat-treated feed in poultry, sterilization of commercial layer feeds in the United Kingdom, processing cereal grains for monogastrics, the effects of high shear conditioning on performancing in finishing pigs, customized expander treatment and hydrothermal treatment of ingredients, the role of nutritionists and technologists in feed utilization, and treatment effects on ruminal escape starch.

The conference will be presented in English. For more information, contact Amadus Kahl GmbH by telephone at 49-40-7277-1100, by fax at 49-40-727-710 or by e-mail at