InterSystems creates new sales division

by Emily Wilson
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InterSystems Inc. announced the creation of a new sales division called the Industrial Materials Handling Division. Ray Vrtiska, InterSystems vice-president, sales, will head the new division in addition to his continued responsibilities in international grain, feed and flour sales in most regions.

The Industrial Materials Handling division will focus on the expansion of InterSystems products into the industrial (non-grain) marketplace for a variety of applications. The new division will use its existing industrial distribution network to market the company's products, which include a complete line of sampling, conveying, elevating and bulk weighing equipment.

Randy Stauffer, InterSystems vice-president, marketing, also will assume responsibilities in sales and marketing for the company's Bulk Material Handling Division, which serves the grain, feed and milling industries.

InterSystems was purchased by Enduro Systems, Inc. (ESI), Houston, Texas, U.S., in December 1999. ESI's Material Handling Division is headquartered in Omaha, and in November 2000, the production of ESI's Velcon product line of liquid fillers, conveyors and scales was relocated to Omaha.

The consolidation of manufacturing operations is part of InterSystems' strategic plan of growth for the Omaha-based division, according to Rod Cooper, chief operating officer of the Material Handling Division.

The creation of the new Industrial Materials Handling Division sales department has expanded industrial focus, consolidated manufacturing of InterSystem's ISO 9001-registered manufacturing facilities, along with continued major emphasis on domestic agricultural markets.

This will all contribute to InterSystems' previously announced growth plans for all of the ESI Material Handling product offerings.