Imeco mobile sampling and analysis system

by Emily Wilson
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Demand for an increasing number of flour types with tighter quality specifications and produced from a greater variety of wheats requires millers to intervene frequently to stay at optimum performance. In response to this demand, Imeco Automazioni, Malagnio, Italy, developed AmiGo, a high-quality analyzing device capable of moving autonomously on a roll floor to follow a sequence of passages to be tested as pre-set by the miller. For each passage measured, AmiGo performs a granulation analysis test and transmits the result via radio to the supervisory computer. Based on the results, a miller can decide whether to modify the roll gap. AmiGo has a self-learning capability, making it possible to manually adjust the system. Once a good result is achieved, the machine can be ordered to execute a cycle of analyses; to store the data obtained from the controlled passages; and to consider such data as reference for future mill runs.