Idea Exchange program seeks bright ideas, new products for recognition at 1997 GEAPS conference

by Teresa Acklin
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   The Grain Elevator and Processing Society is soliciting entries in its "Idea Exchange" program of recognition for operations ideas and for new products, equipment or services to enhance grain operations.

   The deadline for entries is Sept. 30. Honorees are announced in December and will be featured in the educational program at GEAPS Exchange '97, Feb. 22-25, 1997, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

   The program is sponsored by the GEAPS Educational Programming committee. Entry materials are available in the June issue of GEAPS' newsletter, In-Grain, or by contacting the GEAPS office at 612-339-4625 or fax 612=339=4644.

   The Idea Exchange program recognizes honorees in two categories:

    • "Why Don't They? ... I Did!" is the chance for operations personnel to share their ideas or solutions for day-to-day problems, no matter how simple or complex. Any idea that contributes to the safety and efficiency of grain operations is eligible. This unique forum allows "hands-on" grain operations experts — the people who run the facilities — the opportunity to share the benefit of their experience.

   • "What's New" is an opportunity for suppliers to showcase new concepts and innovations. Entries may be in any of 35 subcategories covering the range of grain operations products, equipment and services. Many suppliers find "Idea Exchange" to be an excellent new product introduction vehicle.

   At the GEAPS Exchange '96 conference earlier this year, the "Why Don't They? ... I Did!" winner was Myron Danzer, West Central Cooperative, Ralston, Iowa, U.S. Mr. Danzer's innovation was a bulk soybean meal load-out spout.

   Other winning ideas developed by grain operations professionals in recent years included a ticket chute and intercom system, a safety quiz program, an automatic sampling system of a grain stream.

   Equipment, products or services recently featured in the annual "What's New" program included dust control equipment for unloading and internal handling, process control systems and automated bin blending.

   All program honorees will receive complimentary Exchange '97 registration plus additional recognition through news coverage."Why Don't They? ... I Did!" entries also are eligible for U.S.$100 cash awards.

   For additional information on the program, contact the GEAPS office at the phone or fax numbers indicated above or by mail at P.O. Box 15026, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415-0026 U.S.

   GEAPS is an international professional society of about 2,800 individuals dedicated to leadership, innovation and excellence in grain related industry operations