IAOM meets in Dubai

by Emily Buckley
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The annual Conference & Trade Show for the International Association of Operative Miller’s Middle East-Africa District will be held this October 5-8 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai-based National Flour Mills Co. organized the show; NFM’s chairman Essa Al Ghurair is also the 2003 conference and district chairman. Nearly 400 people from almost 40 countries are expected to attend, according to Mark Healing, production manager at National Flour Mills.

The group will include millers, wheat associations and grain traders, he said. Trade show exhibitions will feature processing equipment, storage, flour and bakery improvers, sieve and filter cloth manufacturers, laboratory equipment and more.

"We feel immensely excited about this large number of people coming from so many countries, about the large and diversified number of trade show exhibitors, and also about the many interesting presentations," Healing said.

Despite the tumultuous situation in Iraq, just to UAE’s north, Healing expects a good turnout from many countries and does not foresee any security or safety issues. "The mood is one of great excitement, and everyone is looking forward to a very successful and enjoyable conference," he said. "There should not be any concerns about security in Dubai." He noted that many other conferences will also be taking place in Dubai around this time. For instance, The International Monetary Fund and World Bank will meet in Dubai just weeks before the IAOM district meeting.


Although this is the district’s 15th conference, it is the first with the district’s new name, which was changed from Middle East-East Africa. Healing said the district felt that the broadening of its horizons will strengthen the association.

"As with all previous IAOM conferences held in the Middle East and Africa, this show is a magnificent opportunity to bring together all the different facets of the flour milling industry," Healing said. "Members can be acquainted with the most up-to-date technologies and can be stimulated and enlightened with three days of speeches and presentations. It is an opportunity to meet old friends, to make new ones and to enhance the traditions of the great flour milling industry."

The conferenece will open with comments from Essa Al Ghurair and Gary Anderson, IAOM executive vice-president.

The technical program will continue with papers covering: Wheat cleaning systems, by Buhler AG; New ash determination methods, by Branscan; Special flour for pasta, by Eurogerm; Automatic dampening systems in milling, by Imas; Wheat debranning, by Satake; Bag closing solutions, by Fischbein; Durum research, by Istanbul University; Leading sanitation concepts, by Buhler; and Integrated control systems, by Ocrim.

The ‘What’s New’ presentations will review: a Digital Sieve Tension Device, by Sefar; The Feed Mill, by Ocrim; Short Conditioning Vacuum System, by GBS; New Rollermill Design, by MMW; Electric Rollermill and Plansifter, Molino; and the Central Vacuum System, by Kice Industries.

Information will also be presented on The Flour Fortification Initiative and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition. The Canadian Wheat Board, U.S. Wheat Associates, Australian Wheat Board, French Cereals, and Cargill will conclude the conference with overviews of wheat crop conditions.

After the show, Dubai itself offers visitors many attractions. "The wide variety of scenery in the United Arab Emirates varies from rugged mountains and awe inspiring sand dunes, to sandy beaches and lush oasis and parks," Healing said.

For more conference information, visit http://aomdubai.com where you can find further conference information and links to web sites featuring Dubai and UAE.