Hutchinson Mayrath installs grain pump system for AWB

by Emily Buckley
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CLAY CENTER, KANSAS, U.S. — Hutchinson Mayrath, a division of Global Industries Inc., recently supplied a 16-inch grain pump conveying system to the Australian Wheat Board. Installation will be completed by October 2003 at AWB’s new rural grain receiving station in Maitland, New South Wales.

The pump will transfer the grain from receiving trucks to storage, and eventually pump the grain out of the facility.

Hutchinson’s grain pump model completely encircles grain storage, receiving and loadout elements of a grain facility with a loop that extends underneath the facility, extends upward at one end, curves to go over the top of the facility and then turns down at the other end. One single conveyor consisting of a 16-inch diameter tube with chain and evenly spaced paddles along the chain will provide all the grain handling throughout the facility. Simplicity is a key advantage where the grain pump can provide all the flexibility of more traditional multiple conveyor systems with lower equipment and installation costs, Hutchinson said. Traditional systems include not only multiple individual conveyors but also elevating means and support towers. The grain pump extends no higher than necessary to directly discharge grain into the storage structures.

Hutchinson’s Canadian agent, Skyway Grain Systems, Inc. helped facilitate the sale with Geronimo Grain Systems Pty Ltd, Hutchinson’s Australian distributor. Skyway has sold numerous 16-inch grain pumps within Canada that have been operating successfully since 1999.