Horst dies after lifetime dedicated to grain industry

by Emily Buckley
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Alfred Conrad Horst passed away peacefully September 22, 2003, in Austin, Texas, U.S. An honorary member of AOM since 1998, Horst was born in Switzerland and had a long and distinguished career in the grain and milling industry for more than 60 years. He began his career with Buhler and worked for them for approximately 25 years. He then worked for ConAgra before moving on to the Continental Grain Company until his retirement from the company in the spring of 1986. He worked in many different regions, including Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Canada, South Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, the Caribbean as well as the U.S.

After retirement, Horst continued to do consulting work in the grain and milling industry, including several volunteer assignments with the International Executive Service Corps, working in Egypt, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Panama, and The Republic of Georgia.