Grain bin discharge guard

by Emily Wilson
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Brock Grain and Feed Systems, a division of CTB, Inc., manufactures the Well-Gard discharge guard that helps grain flow continuously out of the bin — even grain containing frozen or compacted chunks. By guarding the entire area of the well opening, the pyramid-shaped Well-Gard limits the bridging and blockage caused by these chunks of grain. Based in Milford, Indiana, U.S., Brock designed the guard to cut, break or block large chunks of grain to prevent clogging of the grain bin discharge well. Constructed of heavy galvanized and welded steel for a long rust-resistant life, the guard attaches to the discharge well and can be easily removed to permit the installation of a sweep auger. Measuring 23 inches by 23 inches, 20 inches high and weighing 21 pounds, the Well-Gard is a simple solution to clogged discharge wells.