Golfetto's history marked by advancements in milling equipment technology, quality

by Emily Wilson
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Golfetto S.p.A. can trace its history back to 1928, when three Golfetto brothers set up a business under the name Fratelli Golfetto s.r.l. and began manufacturing milling machinery. Within a few years, the Golfetto company had developed its product along industrial lines. The first motorized sifter cleaning machines and newly developed milling diagram technology led to greater production and improved quality.

During the 1950s, the company became a public limited concern and began to promote its machines and plants for hard and soft wheat industrial mills beyond the Italian market. The 1960s saw the introduction of new high-yield roller mills, plansifters with greater sifting area and more specific cleaning machines. The 1970s were marked by years of reinforcement and consolidation of the company's presence in markets seeking advanced technology.

In 1989, Golfetto became part of the Braibanti group and new engineering studies led to the redesign of its principal machines and optimization of the industrial process. In 1999, through the sale of 50% of its shares, Golfetto joined the second-largest milling engineering group in the world.

Today, Golfetto is ranked on par with the world's most important manufacturers of milling machinery and plants, continually seeking advancements in technology and quality to compete in an ever-changing world market.

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