Golfetto's Vortex vertical hydration system

by Emily Wilson
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The Vortex is a unique process for the uniform addition of moisture to flour after the milling process. Designed by Golfetto S.p.A., Padova, Italy, and marketed in North America by Cereal Technologies, Inc., Millersville, Maryland, U.S., the Vortex is equipped with paddles that rotate to create a vortex effect within the vertical hydration chamber. The flour is held in suspension and carefully mixed with a metered amount of atomized water. As the flour increases in weight, the homogenized product falls out of suspension toward the chamber outlet. The self-cleaning vertical flour hydration system is capable of adding up to 1% moisture, enabling lower first break moisture for optimum milling performance and higher yields. With lower first break moisture, the balance between the coarse and fine break stocks is more consistent, the bran is easier to clean and the dressing efficiency of the sifters and purifiers is greatly improved. Other benefits include increased feed rate to the mill, consistent flour moisture, lower milling loss, improved sanitation and more stable milling conditions.