Getting updated at IAOM

by Meyer Sosland
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Soon, the milling industry will descend on Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. for the 109th International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) Annual Technical Conference and Trade Show.

This year’s meeting will be held April 30 – May 4 at the Renaissance Hotel and Nashville Convention Center and will include technical sessions and instructional briefings on a wide range of topics. These will include fumigation, renewable energy production, filtration media selection, compressor maintenance, a discussion on the future of biotechnology and much more.

The Latin American Technical Session will be held on April 30 between 10:45 am and 5:00 pm.

"We’re really excited to be returning to Nashville for the 109th IAOM Conference and Expo," said Gary Anderson, executive vice-president, IAOM. "IAOM was there last in 1997. It was a great event and drew a good crowd. We’re hoping that even more people take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a nice mixture of professional development and a good time in Music City."

EXPO EXCLUSIVE Beyond all of the learning opportunities that participants will have at the conference, they will also have access to the IAOM Expo with nearly 175 booths filled with the latest information and products the milling industry has to offer.

By scheduling no other IAOM conference events between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm on Sunday, May 1, IAOM has sought to insure that the Expo takes precedence at that time.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES To keep attendees informed about the latest developments in the milling industry, the IAOM Technical Committee has put together a top notch list of presenters for the technical sessions and instructional briefings.

Industry veterans, including Bay State Milling’s Terry Davis, General Mills’ Bob Richardson and Purdue University’s Dr. Bernard Y. Tao, will present information on a wide range of relevant topics.

"Among the technical presentations, the panel discussion on Vomitoxin and the overview of how agro-industry wastes can be converted into energy are of particular interest," Anderson said. "Of course, many attendees will be interested to learn more about how several mills have recently streamlined their operations, including King Milling, Mennel Milling and Bay State Milling."

The Sunday morning "What’s New" program will afford the milling industry the opportunity to learn about and examine newly developed techniques and technology. WHAT’S NEW PRESENTATIONS IAOM has selected several presentations for the annual What’s New program, which will take place between 8:00 am and 10:50 am on Sunday, May 1. "This year’s What’s New program is also full of exciting innovations," Anderson said. "The Technical Committee had a sneak preview of the new products and services in January. I’m sure that everyone will be anxious to get a look at what’s new this year."

The program includes these presentations:

New "EMF" Hammermill design, Greg Alles, Bliss Industries, Inc.

Lab module. Clark Blanchard, Jaymark

What’s New in Color Sorting in the Milling Industry, Don Uglow, Sortex, Inc.

DoughLab, Brian Williams, Foss North America

1850 Cubic Foot Pneumatic Trailer – New Safety Features, Jason McAuliffe, Tremcar

Columbia Okura Robotic Palletizer, Ron Purvis, Bratney Co.

Magnetic Separation Audits of Flour Mills , Don Suderman, Bunting Magnetics Co.

The Chopin MixoLab, Bob Whisler, Perten Instruments

Large Tube Housing, Mike Sickendick, Industrial Magnetics

ASG200 Control Unit for Blower Packages, Kevin Grant, Aerzen USA



Solution for Mycotoxin Reduction in Wheat, Buhler Inc.

Model QA-24 In-Line Sifter, Bob Ricklefs, Great Western Manufacturing Co.