Gamet gains NTEP approval for bulk scale system

by Teresa Acklin
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   ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, U.S. — The Gamet multi-precision bulk scale system installed at Harvestland Cooperative in Springfield, Minnesota, U.S., has been approved as a legal-for-trade weighing device in the United States.

   The GMC-1600 scale system, which is capable of handling up to 1,600 tonnes per hour, was tested for the mandatory second time and approved in June by the U.S. National Type Evaluation Program. The system also has been granted conditional approval from Measurement Canada, the Canadian governing agency for weights and measures.

   The GMC-1600 is the cornerstone of the rail loadout system upgrade at the Harvestland site. Since its installation in early May, the system has loaded over 600 railcars.

   Gamet, a division of Seedburo Equipment Co., now has received NTEP approval on its GMC-100 and GMC-1600 scale models. These dual weighing hopper systems significantly reduce the overall system height requirement compared with conventional scale systems, Gamet said. This height reduction can create savings in overall project costs by reducing the costs for ground preparation, support structure costs and product conveying equipment, the company said.