GEOPS remote inventory monitoring

by Emily Wilson
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Milltronics, Inc., Arlington, Texas, U.S., in cooperation with General Electric Company Operation Services, Pittsfield Massachusetts, U.S, introduces the GEOPS global vendor-managed inventory (VMI) technology. The Internet-based service keeps track of materials in silos and automatically submits a new order when inventory gets low. The inventory system uses sensor technology and data analysis to optimize supply chain and operations management, resulting in customer value with lower costs and maximum efficiency. The global inventory system can track inventory status at many customer locations and prepare reports for each silo at each location. The system provides quick access to all sites, links to corporate web pages and real-time information. Each silo level is graphically illustrated and charted according to silo number and stored material, current inventory reading, last reading level, trend and overall dynamic trend. For a presentation of its capabilities, visit