GEAPS' new safety video to focus on fall hazards

by Emily Wilson
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The Grain Elevator and Processing Society is working on its 16th safety video, this newest one focusing on recognizing and controlling fall hazards at grain storage and handling facilities.

Production on the video, "The Fall Guy," is to begin shortly at grain facilities in and around the Minneapolis area. The video will possibly be
premiered at GEAPS Exchange 2002 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, next March.

The central character in the video could be any grain elevator employee. Comic pratfalls and special effects are used to point out typical hazards and consequences.

The video will cover fall hazard scenarios for flat bin and sloped tank (top entry), trucks, railcars, barges, rooftops, ducts, pipes and spouts, conveyors and catwalks.

For information about other GEAPS safety videos, contact the GEAPS office in Minneapolis at 612-339-4625 or e-mail