Geaps Exchange '97

by Teresa Acklin
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The 68th annual conference offers educational program, trade show for grain handling and storage professionals.

   Safety and sanitation tips, equipment maintenance, a peek into the future of grain storage and a look at "what's ailing wheat" are a few of the topics on tap at the GEAPS Exchange '97. The annual event, organized by the Grain Elevator and Processing Society, is set this year for February 22-25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

   Pre-conference workshops begin on Feb. 22 and feature an in-depth look at the "Information Superhighway," a session exploring the Internet and how it can affect grain businesses. Delegates also can sign up for an optional tour of Rahr Malting Co.'s Malt House No. 5, which incorporates the latest in process control technology.

   The Feb. 24 keynote luncheon features a speech by Carroll G. Brunthaver, president and chief executive officer of Sparks Companies, Inc., Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. Mr. Brunthaver has a distinguished background, holding agricultural positions in U.S. government and the grain industry.

   Educational sessions begin Feb. 24 and feature a variety of presentations on facility management, operations, grain handling and storage, equipment and facility maintenance, safety and international affairs. Specific topics include discussions on recent diseases affecting wheat and the ISO 9000 certification process.

   Also featured is the Idea Exchange, an annual session recognizing grain professionals selected for submitting the best operations ideas and projects. This year's contest resulted in seven winners who will discuss their entries.

   The 1997 "What's New" session highlights 11 new products, equipment and services for grain operations. Delegates also can check out the latest in technology at the Exchange Expo, "the international marketplace of the grain industry," where more than 200 suppliers of equipment, products and services are on hand. The following pages contain a preview of some of the suppliers and their exhibits.

Grain storage systems

   Behlen Manufacturing Co., Columbus, Nebraska, U.S., is a single source supplier of all necessary components required to build a total grain storage system. Behlen offers steel bins up to 19,000 tonnes and hopper bins to 1,450 tonnes, as well as elevator legs and grain conveyors to meet required capacities. "Berico" commercial driers are designed for grain, oilseeds or rice at capacities of up to 140 tonnes per hour. Choose from a wide selection of flat storage buildings. Behlen has the ability to design and supply products that assure a smooth operating system — without bottlenecks — from receiving through loadout.

   Behlen is an experienced worldwide supplier, with products in use in more than 50 countries. Construction supervisors have extensive experience in setting up and following through with international projects.

Grain dryers

   Beard Industries, Frankfort, Indiana, U.S., manufacturers of Meyer and Superb Energy Miser and Super-B grain dryers, announces the production of the new Meyer Tower Energy Miser Model ME1500 Series grain dryer. The new Meyer ME1500 uses three-mode drying — dry/suction cool, dry/full heat and dry/pressure cool. The specially designed variable width grain columns optimizes the use of the heated air to insure maximum fuel conversion at each critical stage of the drying process. Using the quiet double inlet centrifugal 100 horsepower fan, the Meyer Energy Miser dryer can produce enough air for added drying capacity in the wettest grains. Total drying flexibility is the key to the ME1500 dryer.

   Currently, Beard Industries manufactures six models in the Meyer Energy Miser series of dryers. All models are factory assembled and can be shipped pre-tested for quick on-site modular installation.

Grain cleaning, processing equipment

   In order to compete in today's export markets, suppliers must ship grain that is more uniform, with less impurities and foreign material. To accomplish this, Codema, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., markets a precision cleaner for capacities up to 160 tonnes per hour of wheat that can clean to export standards or better in just a single pass. These units have been placed into many heavy-duty service situations throughout the world with great success.

   A complete screen change can be completed in less than one hour, making this cleaner very adaptable for cleaning different commodities such as barley, canola, maize, flax, lentils, malt, oats, peas, rye, soybeans, sunflower seeds, wheat, triticale and other bulk products.

   High velocity and air volume yields excellent results in terms of separate dust and light material removal at the inlet and outlet. The cleaner works on a return-air principle, meaning only 15% of the spent air volume is drawn off to a filter. Sieves use a rotary movement and are cleaned using heavy-duty rubber balls.

   Codema also offers a vertical hammer-mill that can greatly simplify the production process when used in feed mills. Material being ground has a narrower granulation range and a reduced fines. The vertical Turbo Mill uses little or no air, resulting in up to a 40% energy savings compared with conventional mills. The temperature increase of the material being ground is less than that of a horizontal grinder.

   Some of the other advantages of this unit include

   • lower noise level

   • larger screen surface

   • repositionable hammers to maximize the number of wear surfaces

   • simple maintenance

   • nearly instant screen changes

   • variable housing sizes allowing housings to be designed to fit in tighter areas or adapted to fit physical constraints.

   Motor horsepower currently ranges up to 150. If greater horsepower is required, two motors can easily be mounted to a modified larger single housing.

Large-capacity grain silos

   Brock Manufacturing, Milford, Indiana, U.S., has added 32-meter and 16-meter silo diameters to its line of commercial grain storage silos. The company's product line now features storage silos from 5.5 to 32 meters in diameter and capacities from 240 to 21,000 cubic meters.

   Brock's 32-meter silo models feature a roof peak capacity of 6,800 kilograms, while the 16-meter models have a 2,700-kg roof peak capacity for support of roof-mounted silo accessories. Both models also feature a flat roof-top work area and a five-year warranty.

   Popular options include the company's patented two-ring Latch-Lock Walk-Through Access Door System and a Drive-Through Access Door. Brock's Latch-Lock Walk-Through doors are strong enough to be placed in the bottom two rings of any of Brock's commercial grain silos. Brock's Drive-Through door is large enough to permit the use of a front-end loader. Also available is a line of commercial hopper-bottomed holding silos in diameters from 4.6 to 9 meters.

Bulk weighing products

   Comptrol Computer Control, Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, will feature new bulk weighing products as well as a highly successful momentum feeder for silo bottoms.

   Comptrol will introduce its new Bulkamatic II controller featuring informative graphical display, scheduling capabilities and reliable, no-fuss design available in desktop or NEMA 4 wall mount configurations. The dedicated personal computer design, not based on Windows to avoid common reliability problems, easily communicates with off-the-shelf or custom PC/Windows applications through offered drivers.

   Comptrol also will announce its new 500-tonne per hour bulk weighing scales, a new model well suited to grain receiving or shipping and to outdoor applications with hydraulic gate operation and weather-protecting enclosure. Also available is a steep wall version for difficult to flow materials such as bran and feed.

   To provide weight-based flow control out of silos, Comptrol offers Momentum Feeders ranging from 10 tph to 240 tph capacity. These feeders deliver significant accuracy improvement over volumetric and impact based feeders while requiring little headroom. They also are available in monitoring-only versions that are well suited to measuring transfers.

Grain protectant products

   Pestcon Systems, Inc., Wilson, North Carolina, U.S., features a variety of products and services to monitor and protect against pests in grain. George Hunt, vice president, sales; Keith Hamm, director of commercial services; and Betty Lilly-quist, director of environmental regulator affairs for Pest-con and vice-president of Sunzon International, are on hand at booth 640 to discuss customers' needs.

   Products include aluminum phosphide fumigants in pellet, tablet or bag form; fumigation application equipment; respiratory protection and gas detection equipment; grain protectant insecticides; insect monitoring systems; and rodenticides. Pestcon also offers commercial application services. Sunzon International markets product internationally.

Self-cleaning conveyor

   InterSystems Inc., Omaha, Nebraska, U.S., features the Kleen-Masse self-cleaning en masse conveyor.

   The Kleen-Masse conveyor is adaptable because it may be configured in numerous horizontal or inclined segments of up to 60° with bend sections. This flexibility enables the system to convey 45% to 100% more material in the same amount of space using less horsepower.

   Liners are quickly replaceable without parting or removing the heavy-duty chain, and liner fasteners are positioned clear of material flow. Lid clips allow immediate access to any conveyor section without tools. The Kleen-Masse system is totally enclosed for a clean environment and is constructed of painted galvanized stainless steel. Capacities range from 30 to 1,200 cubic meters per hour.

Corrugated galvanized silos

   Scafco Corporation, Spokane, Washington, U.S., began manufacturing corrugated galvanized steel silos in 1961, producing silos with capacities ranging from 100 tonnes to more than 13,000 tonnes and hopper bottom silos with capacities ranging from 4 tonnes to several hundred tonnes. Scafco supplies a full range of accessories, aeration equipment and grain handling equipment, including bucket elevators, drag conveyors, screw conveyors and tube augers that are integral components of its systems.

   Scafco silos have been engineered for quality, quick assembly on site and simplicity of operation. Stiffened silos ranging from 5.49 to 32 meters in diameter and non-stiffened silos ranging from 4.27 to 14.63 meters, for both commercial and farm storage, also are manufactured. Scafco's plant and corporate offices have 5,400 square meters of modern manufacturing capabilities.

   Scafco's unique combination of unsurpassed design, high degree of engineering expertise, proper equipment selection, manufacturing and customer service after the sale has made Scafco a worldwide leader in providing grain storage systems. Scafco engineers use the latest in computer drafting and analysis techniques to develop and produce project layouts and designs, shop drawings and manufacturing specifications.

   Individual silos and storage projects delivered in more than 30 countries are storing wheat, maize, soybeans, barley, pulses, rice, sunflowers, palm kernels and other free-flowing products such as animal feed and non-agricultural materials.

   Scafco's success has been achieved because of dedicated customer service and design staff, qualified manufacturing personnel and all the tools necessary for efficient production.

Storage and grain drying

   What's going on in the World of G.S.I.?

   In Latin America, the G.S.I. Group, Assumption, Illinois, U.S., developed and constructed 11 projects in 1996. Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Mexico were the countries involved in this expansion throughout Latin America with G.S.I. International as their primary supplier. These projects include more than 366,000 tonnes of storage capacity.

   Cereal processing and trade projects were in much demand in Syria, with more than 567,000 tonnes of wheat storage on 45 different sites. The product line-up for these Syrian projects consisted of 440 storage silos and 120 truck loadout hopper silos complete with conveyors, elevator legs and aeration equipment.

   Europe was the home of several Top Dry systems along with portable and tower dryers.

   Asia was a very active area for G.S.I. International, with projects completed in China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. Indonesia is the site of the largest flour mill in the world, Bogasari Flour Mills, which chose G.S.I. International as their primary supplier. The project comprised one of the largest grain storage sites in history, with 80 silos in one location totaling 223,000 tonnes of storage capacity.

   Thousands upon thousands of tonnes of rice, barley, flour, maize, malting barley and coarse grains all were stored in G.S.I. tanks throughout the globe in 1996. 1997 is turning out to be another great year for worldwide agriculture, and G.S.I. will be ready to develop new projects and see to it that the grain gets stored and processed no matter the location.

Storage, handling and processing projects

   Ibberson International, Inc., is a design, engineering and construction company with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Ibberson undertakes new, renovation and expansion projects in the feed, grain, pet food and food processing industries. Thousands of projects have been executed worldwide by Ibberson, ranging from modular feed mills to complete greenfield design and construction projects.

   Ibberson's Modular Mill is a unique method of plant design and construction that uses preassembly of major components in custom-designed modules. The modules are fabricated at our Minnesota factory and then shipped to the plant site, where they are easily assembled using local labor. Designed for capacities of 5 tonnes to 40 tonnes per hour, the Modular Mill requires less time to complete than a conventional design/build feed mill project.

   In addition to the modular innovation, another Ibberson innovation involves hybrid batching. It is an approach to the batching, grinding and mixing phases of feedmilling that uses the advantages of both the American and European processes. The hybrid system produces more uniform, higher-quality pellets as it reduces energy consumption and equipment wear.

   The Ibberson Grain Management Station is another modular system. It has the potential to reduce harvested grain losses annually to 1%. When Ibberson builds a Grain Management Station, the silos, grain reception center and the transfer of the skill and technology needed to operate the station are all part of the sale.

   Conventional-style design, engineering and construction are primary service offerings. The company has completed or currently is involved in feed facilities in Mexico, Russia, China and Korea.

Feed and grain storage

   Westeel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, offers a wide range of high quality feed and grain storage bins for both commercial and rural applications. As one of North America's largest producers of agricultural storage products, Westeel has become a trusted name on six continents with more than half a million bins sold worldwide. Westeel bins are renowned for their durability and are produced to stringent ISO 9001 standards. Our products include superior performing Standard-Corr and Wide-Corr bins and labor saving hoppers cones to fit almost any requirement.

Testing, grading equipment

   Seedburo Equipment Company, Chicago, Illinois, U.S., offers the most recent issue of its equipment catalogue. A full line of testing, grading and handling equipment is available for the grain, feed and seed industries. Moisture testers, dockage scales, sampling probes, germinators, seed counters and small scale seed and grain cleaners are among the many items found in the publication.

   As the industry leader in grain grading and inspection equipment, Seedburo offers one of the first U.S. National Type Evaluation Program approved moisture testers, the GMA128 Grain Moisture Analyzer. To receive additional information on this and other grain testing products please contact us for a free copy of the equipment catalogue.

Grain handling equipment

   Union Iron Works, Decatur, Illinois, U.S., has been known for more than 145 years as being devoted exclusively to engineering and production of quality grain handling equipment. We are an old, reliable company with young company attitudes.

   Our primary product line includes bucket elevators, drag conveyors (en masse and round bottom), screw conveyors, belt conveyors, hopper-flow loadout spouts and barge loadout systems.

   Our manufacturing facility in Decatur houses a complete inventory of conveying products, including conveyors, spouting, flanges, elbows, gates and valves. Our dedicated staff of engineering and design personnel is ready to assist you with your requirements. Visit us at Booth 231 and 330.

   U.I.W. bucket elevators are the most economical and efficient means of elevating grain. Heavy-duty construction, capacities of up to 1,600 tonnes per hour and custom models are available.

   U.I.W. barge loadout systems offer the following features: remote control operation, 180° swivel, 45° tilt, telescoping, gravity dust suppression and capacities to 1,600 tph.

   U.I.W. en masse drag conveyors are quality built for long life and low maintenance. Flat-bottom design increases conveying capacity and special U.I.W. features substantially reduce product-to-product contamination found in other designs. Product features include rugged heavy-duty steel construction to provide durability in the most demanding applications, replaceable bottom and side liners, special flights to reduce metal-to-metal contact and dust and weather-tight construction to maintain product quality against the elements and prevent dust from escaping. We offer capacities up to 1,600 tph and have a full line of inclined models available.