67th annual event includes management, operational sessions and international trade show for grain handling and storage professionals.

   Facility hazards, personnel issues, new storage methods and maintenance are among the items on the agenda at the GEAPS Exchange '96. The annual event, set this year for March 9-13 in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., is conducted by the Grain Elevator and Processing Society.

   Activities begin with workshops on March 9, followed on March 10 by the grand opening of the Exchange Expo trade show. Educational sessions are held on March 11 and 12.

   The speaker for the March 11 keynote luncheon is Richard Kerwin, senior vice-president of Bunge Corp., St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. Mr. Kerwin is responsible for Bunge's Grain Division, including North American export and interior grain facilities and the company's marine fleet.

   Grain operations in Russia are part of the international operations program, including a presentation by George Kornstad of the Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs. With pictures and commentary, Mr. Kornstad will describe the situation and examine potential business opportunities there.

   Transportation issues will be examined by Darrell Wallace, United Grain Growers. Railroad mergers in the United States, the privatization of Canadian National Railways, transportation challenges at the U.S./Mexican border and Canada's elimination of rail transportation subsidies for grain point to dramatic changes in the North American grain transportation system that could affect global grain trade.

   The annual Idea Exchange, a program to spotlight operational innovations, will feature four presentations selected by the GEAPS educational programming committee from among numerous entries.

   The Idea Exchange presentations include the “Why Don't They ... I Did!” category, established to recognize grain storage and handling operations personnel for their solutions to day-to-day challenges. This year's winner is Myron Danzer, West Central Cooperative, based in Ralston, Iowa, U.S., who will discuss his design for a bulk soybean meal load-out spout.

   The “What's New” category features new concepts developed by suppliers of products and services. This year's program includes ABC Industries, Mendota, Illinois, U.S., for its “Dustmaster”; and The Rolfes Co., Earth City, Missouri, U.S., for the “Data Highway.”

   The Exchange Expo, “the international marketplace of the grain industry,” features exhibits by some 200 suppliers of equipment, products and services. Here's a preview of some of the exhibits and their suppliers:

Grain storage systems

   Behlen Manufacturing Co., Columbus, Nebraska, U.S., is a single source supplier of all necessary components required to build a total grain storage system. Behlen offers steel bins up to 19,000 tonnes and hopper bins to 1,450 tonnes, as well as elevator legs and grain conveyors to meet required capacities. “Berico” commercial dryers are designed for grain, oilseeds or rice at capacities of up to 140 tonnes per hour.

   Choose from a wide selection of flat storage buildings. Behlen has the ability to design and supply products that assure a smooth operating system — without bottlenecks — from receiving through loadout.

   Behlen is an experienced worldwide supplier, with products in use in more than 50 countries. Construction supervisors have extensive experience in setting up and following through with international projects. The need for technology and products continues to grow in many countries, making the international market important for Behlen.

Silos with five-year warranty

   Brock Manufacturing, Milford, Indiana, U.S., offers innovative storage solutions with more than 200 commercial grain storage silo models, ranging from 5.5 meters to 27.4 meters in diameter. Maximum capacities also range from 211 tonnes of wheat for the smallest silo to nearly 14,000 tonnes for the largest. Purchasers of Brock's commercial grain storage silos receive a five-year warranty that the products are free from defects in material and workmanship.

   To maintain and protect the quality of stored grain, Brock's silo design includes a standard 4,500-kilogram peak load capacity on all silos of 18.3 meters in diameter and larger. The company's sidewall stiffeners are reported to be the strongest available. High quality grade No. 8.2 silo assembly bolts with durable polypropylene plastic encapsulated heads give added long life by helping to eliminate rusty bolt heads.

New feeder, weighing scale

   Comptrol Computer Control, Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, will highlight its new Momentum 25 feeder and the Bulkamatic, a legal bulk weighing scale.

   Using a unique principle to measure the change in material flow momentum, the Momentum feeder sets a new standard in flow control precision and eliminates the imprecise and scattered results associated with impact feeders. The result is far superior weight-based accuracy and consistency.

   The Momentum feeder is built to require little headroom, yet it delivers optimum weight-based control for mixing or blending. The feeder may be operated by its simple control panel or through Comptrol's recipe formulation based BlendView Instrument controller.

   The Bulkamatic series of scales is designed for bulk receiving and shipping and is ideal for barge, rail or truck un- loading systems. Legal for trade accuracy allows verification of inbound weight while tracking transfers for inventory control. On outbound shipping, the Bulk-amatic permits immediate invoicing without the delay and cost especially common with weighing rail shipments.

   The Bulkamatic system is unique because it is approved by the National Type Evaluation Program, a U.S. program that determines a product's conformance with relevant national standards of weights and measures. The Bulkamatic comes without an upper garner or surge hopper, which means it can be factory supplied, customer fabricated or retrofitted with existing bins to suit specific installation needs.

Cordless Controls

   Cattron International Ltd., Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, U.S., exhibits its complete line of industrial cordless controls in Booth #929.

   Cattron Cordless Controls, both radio and infrared, create savings in labor costs, enhance productivity and increase operator safety. The company's range of products can be used to control many types of equipment, including, but not limited to, overhead cranes, hoists, conveyors and monorails; locomotives, ballast car doors, rail car movers and shipunloading equipment; and agricultural equipment and material handling equipment.

   Cattron has operations in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and is supported by an extensive sales and distribution network throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The company has more than 50 years of service, providing the experience to become one of the world leaders in development, manufacture and installation of radio and infrared cordless control systems, data links and related equipment.

Shaft Speed Monitors and Controls

   For nearly 30 years, Electro-Sensors, Inc., Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S., has been a customer driven company dedicated to one goal: to provide our customers with quality equipment, dependable service and competitive prices. The successful pursuit of this goal has earned the company an international reputation as one of the world's leading manufacturers of shaft speed rotation monitors and controls. As we approach the next century, this commitment to customer satisfaction will continue to be the foundation of our success.

   In 1994, Electro-Sensors moved into a newly designed facility, which provided much needed new space for research and development as well as production. In recent years, Electro-Sensors has expanded its sensor lines to include systems to convert rotational speed into signals compatible with plant automation equipment such as programmable logic controllers and computers. Our engineering department is dedicated to the current and future needs of customers and to the improvements new technology is sure to bring.

   The key word to describe Electro-Sensors' products is reliability. Our sensors make no mechanical connection with the rotating shaft, eliminating moving parts that could wear out or break. We offer complete systems that save time and offer simplicity, ease of installation and little or no maintenance.

   The simple, trouble-free design of our non-contact pick-up systems provides an inherently high degree of reliability. All of our products are designed to withstand the rigors of real world application environments and provide superior performance. Electro-Sensors is the choice for reliable motion control systems.

Feed and Grain Storage

   Westeel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, offers a wide range of high quality feed and grain storage bins for both commercial and rural applications. As one of North America's largest producers of agricultural storage products, Westeel has become a trusted name on six continents with more than half a million bins sold worldwide. Westeel bins are renowned for their durability and are produced to stringent ISO 9001 standards. Our products include superior performing Standard-Corr and Wide-Corr bins and labor saving hopper cones to fit almost any requirement.

Bulk Handling Systems

   With more than 37 years of experience in the design and manufacture of bulk material handling systems and machinery, HSI Systems, Inc., Decatur, Illinois, U.S. is synonymous with quality and reliability. HSI Systems sets the industry standard by incorporating top engineering, competitive prices and extensive experience to provide the best standard and custom products available. HSI's product line consists of bucket elevators, conveyors, distributors and fittings.

   Our bucket elevators meet your demands, whether you need an industrial leg with chain and cast buckets or a conventional belt with polyethylene buckets.

   HSI produces a full line of bulk material handling conveyors, including en masse, chain, drag, belt and screw types. HSI conveyors can handle your specific needs, such as operating at high capacities or with abrasive materials.

   HSI can solve your conveying challenges, whether vertical or diagonal. Not only are HSI conveyors designed to reduce your downtime, but to reduce work-related dangers, including dust, inhalation, explosions and fires.

   The company's full line of distributors adapts to customized needs. The distributors incorporate electronic controls that simplify day-to-day operations and integrate into larger control systems.

   HSI fittings complete your bulk material handling system. Gates, valves, elbows and telescoping and swiveling loading spouts are specifically designed to integrate various components in your plant.

Storage, Handling and Processing Projects

   Ibberson International, Inc., is a design, engineering and construction company with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Ibberson undertakes new, renovation and expansion projects in the feed, grain, petfood and food processing industries. Thousands of projects have been executed worldwide by Ibberson, ranging from modular feed mills to complete greenfield design and construction projects.

   Ibberson's Modular Mill is a unique method of plant design and construction that uses preassembly of major components in custom-designed modules. The modules are fabricated at our Minnesota factory and then shipped to the plant site, where they are easily assembled using local labor. Designed for capacities of 5 to 40 tonnes per hour, the Modular Mill requires less time to complete than a conventional design/build feed mill project.

   In addition to the modular innovation, another Ibberson innovation involves hybrid batching. It is an approach to the batching, grinding and mixing phases of feedmilling that uses the advantages of both the American and European processes. The hybrid system produces more uniform, higher-quality pellets as it reduces energy consumption and equipment wear.

   The Ibberson Grain Management Station is another modular system. It has the potential to reduce harvested grain losses annually to 1%. When Ibberson builds a Grain Management Station, the silos, grain reception center and the transfer of the skill and technology needed to operate the station are all part of the sale.

   Conventional-style design, engineering and construction are primary service offerings. The company has completed or currently is involved in feed facilities in Mexico, Russia, China and Korea.

Self-Cleaning Conveyor

   InterSystems Inc., Omaha, Nebraska, U.S., features the Kleen-Masse self-cleaning en masse conveyor.

   The Kleen-Masse conveyor is adaptable because it may be configured in numerous horizontal or inclined segments of up to 60° with bend sections. This flexibility enables the system to convey 45% to 100% more material in the same amount of space using less horsepower.

   Liners are quickly replaceable without parting or removing the heavy-duty chain, and liner fasteners are positioned clear of material flow. Lid clips allow immediate access to any conveyor section without using additional tools. The Kleen-Masse system is totally enclosed for a clean enviroment.

   The Kleen-Masse is constructed of painted galvanized stainless steel. Capacities range from 30 to 1,200 cubic meters per hour.

Grain Protectant Products

   Pestcon Systems, Inc., Spokane, Washington, U.S., features a variety of products and services to monitor and protect against pests in grain. George Hunt, vice- president, sales, and Keith Hamm, director of commercial services, are on hand at Booth #421 to discuss customers' needs.

   Products include aluminum phosphide fumigants in pellet, tablet or bag form; fumigation application equipment; respiratory protection and gas detection equipment; grain protectant insecticides; insect monitoring systems; and rodenticides. Pestcon also offers commercial application services.


   Siftex Equipment Co., South Windsor, Connecticut, U.S., features a complete line of connecting equipment for a variety of machinery and applications. Among the products exhibited is tubing for virtually any grain handling and processing use.

   Siftex Equipment's line of white F.D.A. seamless rubber tubing offers grain processors better durability and sanitation than fabric connecting sleeves. It is more versatile, flexible and easy to use in a wide range of grain cleaning, scalping and processing applications.

   The tubing is compounded from the highest quality materials and is available in a range of sizes. The Pure Gum Rubber tubing, best for dry processing applications, combines excellent abrasion resistance with lasting flexibility and can withstand temperatures of up to 83°C.

   The Neoprene Blend tubing, designed for materials containing animal fat and/or vegetable oils up to 105°C, is blended for durability without stiffness. Nitrile (buna N) tubing is rated 3-A sanitary for oil resistance and withstands temperatures to 122°C, and EPDM tubing, recommended for outdoor use, withstands temperatures of up to 144°C.

Galvanized Grain Storage Systems

    Grain Systems, Inc. is your total systems manufacturer. With roots in the agricultural business dating back 60 years, G.S.I. has the distinction of being among the leading manufacturers of galvanized grain storage tanks in the United States. The company is located in the American Corn Belt, Assumption, Illinois, U.S.

   G.S.I. offers more than 1,000 models of grain storage tanks, with sizes of up to 32 meters in diameter and capacities exceeding 16,800 tonnes. The Airstream grain conditioning division of G.S.I. offers centrifugal, inline and vane axial fans and heaters for all bin sizes.

   The innovative line of computer controlled Airstream portable dryers offers more than 60 models, including continuous flow and staged batch units with capacities of eight to 12 tonnes. The G.S.I. Tower dryer is a commercial dryer with exceptional drying capacities of up to 182 tonnes.