GEAPS Exchange 2004

by Emily Buckley
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Annual meeting to draw a large crowd in Minneapolis, focus on Mississippi River, Iraqi agriculture and other timely topics

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society expects its 75th annual international technical conference and exposition to be an exceptional gathering this year in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., February 21-24. With its heartland location in the grain milling capital of Minneapolis, GEAPS expects the crowds to number near or possibly beyond the 2,000 mark. And GEAPS is planning a special conference to educate and entertain each attendee — a conference program appropriate for the show’s 75th anniversary.

Of the 18 planned educational sessions, topics cover issues for grain handling operations, equipment and facility/personnel management and safety. Specific session topics include tools being developed for grain quality management and the effect of bioterrorism laws on grain operations, with regard to the United State’s new Homeland security legislation on grain operations. GEAPS attendees will also learn about grain dust explosions in South America, mycotoxin monitoring and opportunities for IP grain.

The Exchange is taking advantage of its Minneapolis location to focus on the Mississippi River, which flows through the city and will be less than a mile from Exchange headquarters. On Tuesday, Steve Lucas, vice president export/operations for Louis Dreyfus Corp., will discuss how much the river means to the U.S. grain industry and the challenges the grain system faces in the coming years as the river’s lock and dam system deteriorates and reconstruction proposals remain highly debated.

"The Mississippi has been an integral part of the grain industry for a long time," said Roger Dowdy, GEAPS International President.

In addition, the GEAPS pre-conference tour Saturday morning will take you to the Mill City Museum, on the banks of Mississippi river. (For more information on the museum, See November WG, "A new purpose for an old giant.")

You’ll have to arrive early to catch another highlight of the educational program — the pre-conference workshop Saturday afternoon on railyard management will address issues related to the current emphasis on shuttle trains and faster unloading.

And you’ll want to catch one of the last sessions Tuesday afternoon, which will cover agriculture developments in Iraq. Making the presentation is George Aldaya, who has spent several months in Iraq working with the United Nations and local Iraqi governments and is the director of the Kansas City, Missouri-based Commodity office of USDA’s Farm Service Agency. Aldaya will discuss efforts to rebuild Iraqi agriculture in the context of the country’s long tradition of crop production.

"This is going to be a highlight of our program due to its timeliness and historical importance," said Mike Kiel, chairman of GEAPS’ Educational Programming Committee.

At the trade show, attendees will find more than 200 companies exhibiting their newest and best products for the grain handling industries. Due to strong exhibitor demand, the Exchange added more booths to the trade show floor, bringing the booth total to 327 — the largest expo in GEAPS history, according to the organization. Find a preview of the many products and services you’ll see exhibited on page 48.

The following is a quick glance of the conference schedule and idea exchange. Visit for more details.


GEAPS’ has selected 16 presentations for the annual Sunday morning Idea Exchange program, featuring products that are new to the industry, as well as practical innovations put into place at grain handling facilities. Here’s preview of what you’ll find.

"Why Don’t They?… I Did!" presentations include: a practical solution to grain-cleanup problems in flat storage; a review of Riceland Foods’ "Saftey Fair" for its employees; an idea to quickly spot grain leaks on hopper-car discharge gates; suggestions for sieve inspection using pin gauges; and an inexpensive bug light to detect live insects in grain.

"What’s New?" presentations include:

• ProtectWare — A new software/hardware package from Comco allows facility personnel to record details of all equipment, sub-assemblies, equipment suppliers and maintenance details.

• Scanning Sensor Unit — This inventory-management tool from BinTech uses a high-accuracy laser rangefinder and a high-res video camera that is able to point nearly anywhere inside a bin.

• Dura Splice belt fastener — Previously used only in grain legs, Rubber Belting & Hose will describe an application for the Dura Splice’s use in belt manlifts.

• Uniflow Adjustable Split Seal — This design from Carter Day allows seal removal without removing the spouts, cylinder or drive connection. Adjustable springs allow for easy seal tightening or loosening.

• Tri-CORR Aeration Floor — Brock Manufacturing’s design provides increased crown strength for aeration floors.

• WheatRite — Seedburo’s "on-site" quick test kit for alpha-amylase (sprout damage) in wheat provides an equivalent Falling Number value in a disposable, inexpensive kit.

• Cervitec — This automated grain-inspection system from Foss North America uses two cameras that record images of each kernel and also offers a crack-detection system for rice kernels.

• Quality Service Provider — QSP is an online product from Pro Compliance that allows construction companies, millwrights, equipment suppliers and service companies working for grain-handling facilities to list their qualifications and safety policies online, along with other documentation required by their customers.

• CommTrac — DB Information Systems will describe its suite of software tools specifically designed to provide management, quality and traceability systems for grain and animal feed facilities.

• Maxi-Track Hazard Monitoring — This hazard-monitoring system from Safe-Grain/Maxi-Tronic Inc. can improve safety conditions in a grain handling facility.

• HACCP/GMP — SGS Canada will present information on its testing and certification services to assist North American grain suppliers in meeting internationally recognized HAACP and GMP standards.

GEAPS schedule overview

Saturday Feb. 21

7:45 – 11:00 am Tour: Mill City Museum

12:30 – 5:00 pm Pre-Conference Workshop

"Rail Yard Management"

6:30 – 10:30 pm Get Acquainted Party

Sunday Feb. 22

7:30 – 9:30 am Idea Exchange

9:45 – 11:15 am Opening Brunch

11:30 am – 4:30 pm EXCHANGE EXPO

Monday Feb. 23

7:30 – 9:30 am Associates Annual & Board Meetings

8:00 – 9:00 am Concurrent Sessions:

• Food Security & Safety: The Impact of Homeland Security Legislation

• Opportunities of IP Grain

• Adaptive Re-use of Grain Elevators

9:15 – 10:15 am Concurrent Sessions:

• Determining The Right Level Of Security For Your Facility

• Dust Explosions in South America

• New Tools for Grain Quality Management

10:15 am – 2:15 pm EXCHANGE EXPO

10:30 am – 11:30 pm Student Day Workshop

11:30 am – 12:30 pm Expo Hall Buffet Lunch

2:30 – 3:30 pm Concurrent Sessions:

• COACH – Communication, Optimism, Appreciation, Courage, Honesty

• Settings Specs

• Regulated Traits In Grains & Oilseeds

3:45 – 4:45 pm Concurrent Sessions:

• Fleet Safety And Its Impact On Small Companies

• Getting the Most from your Equipment: Legs, Drag and Belt

Tuesday Feb. 24

8:00 – 9:00 am Concurrent Sessions:

• Grain Shipping on the Mississippi River

• The Role of Management: Influencing a Complete Safety Culture

• FGIS Operations, Procedures and Protein Analysis Using ANN

9:15 – 10:15 am Concurrent Sessions:

• Electrical Safety And Hazardous Locations

• Mycotoxins

• GEAPS/NGFA Joint Grain Grades & Weights Forum

10:15 am – 1:30 pm EXCHANGE EXPO

11:30 am – 12:30 pm Expo Hall Buffet Lunch

1:45 – 2:45 pm Concurrent Sessions:

• Rebuilding Agriculture in Iraq

• Practical Devices And End-Controls: An Owner’s Perspective

• GEAPS/NGFA Joint Safety & Health Forum

3:00 – 4:00 pm General Session – Ross Bennett

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm President’s Banquet


The following are a handful of the many products and services you’ll discover from exhibitors at GEAPS


Complete product line

InterSystems offers sampling, conveying, weighing, elevating, screening and handling equipment for a wide variety of commodities. InterSystems’ Automatic Samplers and Automatic Truck Probes obtain representative samples. Its En-Masse Conveyors and Enclosed Belt Conveyors are available in capacities up to 1,500 tph. Its variety of bulk weighing systems models are used for outbound, inbound, or inventory control measuring. Bucket Elevators are available in capacities up to 1,500 tph. Booth #300,302,304


Grain storage systems

The Kepler Weber Group, with plants in Rio Grande do Sul (Southern Brazil) and one being installed in Mato Grosso (Midwest Brazil), has been growing due to its ability to meet modern management and quality demands. Kepler Weber is a leader in systems for grain storage including dryers, silos and conveyors. It also makes equipment for malthouses, breweries, feed mills and port installations. Booth #1040


Industrial elevator buckets

Maxi-Lift Inc. is the world’s premier manufacturer of plastic and metal elevator buckets for industrial and agricultural applications. Its elevator buckets are known around the world by their names: Dura-Buket, Maxi-Tuff, Tiger-Tuff, HD-Max and DI-Max. Related conveying products include elevator bolts, hardware, belt splices, screw conveyor hanger bearings, drag conveyor flights and UHMW sheeting products. Maxi-Lift produces designs for modern applications. Booth #815, 817, 916, 917


Enclosed belt conveyors

Hi Roller Conveyors designs and manufactures carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanized enclosed belt conveyors. Its patented reloading system returns any dust and spilled material back onto the carrying surface of the belt. Hi Roller has numerous models with capacities up to 4,800 tph. Its Consignor, a totally enclosed moveable tripper designed to replace open belt trippers in enclosed galleries, can be remote controlled via PLC. Booth #810, 812, 814, 816


Laboratory analysis

DICKEY-john manufactures hand-held testers and desktop grain analysis computers, NIR and non-NIR grain analysis computers for elevator and terminal use, and laboratory-grade NIR analyzers for food and feed manufacturers. Its GAC2100 NB is the standard grain analysis device for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Feed & Grain Inspection Service. NIR products include the Instalab 600 Series laboratory analyzer and the new OmegAnalyzerG for whole grains. Booth #528

Nonmetallic Buckets


Tapco Inc. offers a complete line of nonmetallic agricultural elevator buckets. All Tapco buckets are manufactured from the highest grades of polyethylene, urethane, and nylon. Tapco styles CC-HD and the new Super EuroBuckets are known for their strength and precise discharge characteristics. Stock of Tapco buckets and bolts is maintained by distributors around the world. Nonmetallic buckets will not spark or act as an ignition source. Strong, thick walls flex and bend to withstand obstructions. Booth #306, 308

OPI StorMax

The StorMax product line from OPI Systems ranges from simple handheld temperature and insect monitoring to PC-based monitoring, alarm and control systems. StorMax provides real-time grain storage monitoring, with the option for automated control of aeration, heaters and ventilation fans to achieve specific conditioning targets. Booth #1023


Port equipment

Tecno Moageira supplies ship and barge loading systems as well as grain handling solutions according to its customer’s current or future needs and requirements, adapted to local and operational conditions of each site. Tecno Moageira assures high performance, quality and reliability. Booth #117, 216


Intelligent turn-head

Essmueller’s "Smart" turn-head features programmable, solid-state electronic sequencing, bi-directional rotation and a panel-mounted controller that can operate up to five turn-heads with 40 positions each. The turn-spout accelerates and slows between outlets to improve positioning accuracy. Booth #623, 625


Grain conveyors

Tramco’s wide line of drag chain conveyors are designed and engineered to last, and can be built to handle 40,000 bph of whole grains with a flared by-pass inlet to help increase the holding capacity of the existing truck dump hopper. Visit Tramco’s booth for more information on its conveyor and gain handling services. Booth #323, 325, 422, 424


Fire-retardant liner

Tandem Products’ Rhino Hyde Polyurethane liners have been on the market for 35 years. In 1998, Tandem introduced FireStop Rhino Hyde, an anti-abrasion sheet made of fire retardant material designed to improve the fire safety of material handling operations. Currently, a second generation of FireStop liners is being testing. Stop by Tandem’s booth to learn more about its liners and elevator buckets, or about volunteering to test the fire-resistant panels. Booth #715, 717


Titan grain bin

Chief’s Titan grain bin features one of the industry’s strongest stiffeners combined with sidewall heights up to 31.25 meters and a capacity of more than 18,000 tonnes. Chief Agri/Industrial specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of complete grain storage systems, including hopper tanks, grain handling and grain conditioning equipment, under the Chief and Caldwell brand names. Booth #329, 331, 428, 430


High-capacity grain cleaner

The new Buhler high-capacity PRIMUS grain cleaner is particularly designed for the pre-cleaning and cleaning of grains, seeds, oilseeds, brewer’s barley and legumes. The PRIMUS grain cleaner is suited for application in silos, elevators, flour mills and feed mills. The machine consists of Buhler’s Ventus air classifier, two scalping screens and eight main screen decks. The PRIMUS cleaner utilizes a large screening area to achieve capacities up to 200 tph. It produces little exhaust air and is designed for fast and easy screen changes. Booth #137, 236


Grain handling management

Tornum AB has many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying complete grain handling systems for the grain industry. Tornum offers solutions for drying, storage and conditioning of grain. Its product line includes: grain coolers, batch dryers, continuous flow dryers with capacities up 100 tph, storage bins and the dual-function KanalSystem, which provides both aeration and unloading in storage bins. Booth #434, 335


Explosion detection, control

Fike Corporation is introducing its explosion protection system called EPACO, which makes active detection and control systems much easier and more reliable. EPACO features five preconfigured modules that can be integrated in several different ways to match the application’s requirements. Installation is easy with pre-configured programming options, and EPACO will provide information needed to control any situation. The system is small enough to fit into existing panels in the control room.For more information, stop by Fike’s booth. Booth #208


Grain silos

Behlen Mfg. Co. continues to expand its offering of grain silos. Trapezoidal designed wall panels, used in Behlen silos, provide protection for valuable grain crops. Silos may be constructed with the stiffeners on the inside or the outside. Select from seven different diameters and capacities up to 674,599 bushels. Behlen is highly experienced in the drying and storage of cereal grains, edible beans, milo, rice, soybeans and sunflowers. Visit Behlen’s booth to discover more. Booth #945


Hazard monitoring

The Boone Group’s hazard systems for belt misalignment detection and speed monitoring are a preventative maintenance tool to eliminate costly down-time caused by bearing or belt failure. The Boone Group also offers aeration, dust control and temperature detection equipment. Booth #905

Optical sorting equipment


Satake USA Inc. manufactures optical sorting equipment for the grain, corn and edible bean industries. At its booth, discover more about Satake’s corn sorting equipment, including the ScanMaster II, model SMII200DE. This model’s advanced color/infrared technology provides the precision to remove foreign material that is very close in color to the good product. Booth #1022, 1024


Centurion bin series

Westeel’s Centurion series of commercial storage bin utilizes upright technology called Variable Section Stiffener (VSS) that uses larger stiffener sections where there is greater vertical load. For longer life, Centurion bins also use Grade G115 galvanizing, which is 25% heavier than the traditional standard G90. Booth #206

Fumonisin testing in maize


VICAM’s FumoniTest 200 has received a USDA-GIPSA Certificate of Conformance for the quantitative determination of total fumonisins in corn, corn meal, corn soy blend, corn germ meal, sorghum, popcorn and flaking corn grits. The test kit measures as low as 0.5 ppm. Learn more about Vicam’s tests at GEAPS. Booth #705

Collective grain industry experience


Global Industries, Inc. of Grand Island, Nebraska, U.S., taps the collective knowledge and experience of its several divisions serving the grain industry to bring technological and economical value to customers. Industry veteran Bob Hines (above) put together a maize storage and handling facility utilizing the resources of Global’s Brownie, NECO, MFS, York and Hutchinson divisions resulting in tremendous customer savings. Stop by its booth to see how they can answer your grain handling needs. Booth #1005


Rotary grain cleaners

Northland Superior will exhibit one of its smaller screeners from its line of rotary grain cleaners. Northland’s screeners are designed for industrial cleaning performance, serving capacities from 100 bushels per hour up to 20,000 bph. Screeners can be utilized with or without aspiration and they are available in a variety of parallel and counterflow configurations. Visit Northland Superior at the show to discuss your application and see firsthand the quality construction it offers. Booth #435, 437