GBS Group celebrates Berga's 50 years

by Emily Wilson
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PADOVA, ITALY — Fifty years after its origination as the Berga Company, the entity has gone through several mergers and now resides as part of the Italy-based GBS Group. Throughout the last half-century, the company has established a diverse history.

In 1952, the Berga Company was founded in Italy by Lodovico Bernardi. Berga initially specialized in manufacturing mill machinery and storage silos, but later widened its production to include equipment for feed mills. The company then directed its activity to engineering and manufacturing feed milling plants, consequently achieving a prominent role in European markets.

By the 1970s, Berga was engineering and constructing cereal milling plants, feed mills, storage silos and grain terminals for ship loading and unloading. Soon after, new offices were opened in Europe and North Africa. In 1976, Berga’s headquarters moved to a 40,000-square-meter plant in Quinto, Italy, near Treviso. Other new manufacturing facilities were established around the world. Production was increased with automation systems. Analysis methods and procedures were computerized. All of these moves helped the company reduce costs and energy consumption.

At the end of the 1980s, Berga acquired a majority share of Sangati, a Padova, Italy-based company that had been supplying milling equipment since 1929. This merger provided the opportunity to create a new generation of machines and completely automated, computerized plants. Combining the two different milling philosophies resulted in new methods of cereal processing.

Sangati and Berga preserved their separate names until 1997, when the two companies merged completely. In early 2000, Sangati Berga, as it was then called, acquired 50% of the capital of Golfetto S.pA., also a cereal processing machinery producer based in Padova. This latest union combined technology, engineering experience, and the commercial structures of Sangati Berga and Golfetto into the GBS Group S.p.A., which owns the Sangati Berga and Golfetto trademarks.