GBS Group: Collaboration ensures quality engineering and manufacturing

by Chrystal Shannon
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GBS Group S.p.A. has a wealth of experience and know-how of plant and machinery design for the movement and conversion of grain. Efficiency, reliability, quality and technological innovation enable the group, through the Golfetto and Sangati Berga brand names, to supply a broad range of machines and complete plants. Offering reliable plants with a rapid return on investment, GBS Group operates in every part of the world and is aware of local requirements and dietary habits.

In uniting Golfetto and Sangati Berga, two leaders in the milling engineering and grain handling fields, a new force was formed. The real strength of the new company lies in engineering and sales compatibility and manufacturing versatility. Located only a few kilometers from Venice, the GBS Group’s factories cover 90,000 square meters. The GBS Group can design, build and install plants on a turnkey basis for wheat flour, durum, maize, feed and rice mills; ship loading and unloading systems; and raw material and finished product storage systems.

For milling engineering, the Golfetto brand name symbolizes exceptional quality, earned in over 80 years of plant design and construction. The Sangati Berga brand was formed when Berga S.p.A. acquired Sangati S.p.A. in the late 1990s. Sangati Berga manufactures single machines and complete plants for cereal processing, port storage elevators, ship unloaders and loaders, feed mills, seed cleaning plants, and storage facilities.

Approximately 80% of the group’s sales come from export business. GBS is represented by a multitude of agents and offices around the world, including Brazil, China, Russia, U.S., Egypt and Algeria.

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