GAFTA gains new home after bombing

by Teresa Acklin
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   The I.R.A. bomb that exploded outside the Baltic Exchange on April 10, 1992, nearly destroying the building and causing extensive damage to the offices of the Grain and Feed Trade Association, resulted in one highly positive event amid great destruction.

   Because of the loss of its offices and the need to occupy temporary space, GAFTA officials decided the time had come to realize a long-held dream for the association to have its own headquarters building.

   Soon after the blast, a search was begun for a new location. One was on the eastern edge of London in an area known as Shoreditch, and on Dec. 16, 1992, the newly remodeled building was opened and renamed GAFTA House by Guy Valentine, managing director of Mardorf, Peach & Co., president of GAFTA at the time.

   The building houses offices for the 16 permanent staff members of GAFTA.

   GAFTA House has the address of 6 Chapel Court, Chapel Place, Rivington St., London EC2A 3DQ.